Polyphonies of the body in Professional Training

Categoría: Educación
Autor(es): Harold Viafara Sandoval - Mónica Cristina Pérez Muñoz - Sandra Parra Hinojosa

This book is an approach to the sphere of the body from different disciplinary perspectives. For this, a dialogue is necessary, not to unify the concept, but to have the possibility of meeting and moving around different fields of knowledge. This to give meaning to what has been done over time and structure a system of consensus, dissent, and networks in a discourse-practice that has been marginal in the local space.

In this encounter, it can be observed that there is no attribute of the body that allows us to speak of it as a whole nor a nature that informs us of a purpose. The body is constructed and this construction refers to a use, a need, and an experience. But on many occasions, its construction has been left aside in some areas of training, without giving it the importance it deserves.

I invite the readers to delight in this new wave, in which we can see views from perspectives such as sport, health, disability, education, and art. Winding, undulating movements that have been based on academic reflections, projects, and research by friends and colleagues who have joined these dialogues today and seek to unravel and decant the mysteries of the body, how they perceive it, assume it and it is constitutive of the subject.

Translation: Rosalía Ramos de Recio.

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Subtítulo And the wave travels further
ISBN 978-958-5415-62-1
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Año 2020
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