Sustainable architecture and engineering. MIHOUSE Project

Categoría: Arquitectura
Autor(es): Margarita María Villalobos Ayala, Constanza Cobo Fray y Olga Lucía Montoya

The MIHOUSE project presented by USB and UAO won the following awards: first place in Sustainability and second place in Architecture, Urban Design and Affordability, Engineering, Innovation and Energy Efficiency. The MIHOUSE prototype was also selected as the second favorite house chosen by the public and now a day’s serves as a sustainable laboratory for students and researchers at USB campus. The success of the team and project was the product of a constant and interdisciplinary effort from all decathletes; a clear understanding of the contest rules; an arduous commitment to produce the best sustainable housing prototype for tropical contexts; an enormous effort from all research groups working in innovative solutions applicable to the constructed housing prototype; and an important engagement with sponsoring companies that worked with the MIHOUSE team in creating a better future.

Due to the success of the MIHOUSE project and the tremendous opportunity to participate once again in an international contest as the SDLAC, both universities decided to create a new group called TUHOUSE to participate in the new SDLAC2019. The selection of 16 new teams will be held at the same time this book goes under revision. Therefore, the aim of this book is to provide a pathway to new Solar Decathlon participants and a tool to inspire the new generation towards the design and construction of real sustainable housing solutions for low-income families in tropical contexts.

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